Wth! I am not Productive!!

  1. I use a simple to-do list — My day ends with writing down what things I am supposed to do tomorrow and this is my consistent habit now. I usually write down 5–6 tasks that I need to do. And guess what, I don't do all of them on most days. I just end up doing 1–2 tasks out of that list. So you can say I am not really productive. But I beg to differ. My whole point of writing down stuff that I want to do(need to do) is to figure out what I can procrastinate on and what I can do now!
    Let me Break it down- I am sure you have heard of Pareto Principle, if not— It simply says that 20% of things account for 80% of the result. This principle is true in many places and even in time management. 20% of the work you do accounts for 80% of your results. So my idea of making a list is to simply write down things I need to do or want to do and choose the top 1–2 most important stuff and do them first.
My Version of Productivity Pareto
Things I want to do/Things I need to do
Teach me Sensei
Look at it carefully, T is the exponential factor



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